World-renowned by referees in collective sports
A stadium with 80,000 persons, with a level of sound 100 times greater than that of a human voice!

Vokkero® is THE official communication system of football referees all over the world; it is used in large international competitions and by all the best national, European, and global leagues. Vokkero® was, in particular, the major element of audio communication used in the video refereeing during the last world cup in Russia.

It is also equipment for referees in several professional leagues of other sports (rugby, basketball, hockey, American football) in Europe and the United States (it has been used by the NFL since 2014).

In 2018 Vokkero® launched a new range of products aimed at American football coaches (in university leagues) and all technical and medical teams in sports, in particular: football, rugby and ice hockey.

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